Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jasmine is spinning

LOL. Is that title a bit deceptive on a knitting blog? Sorry ;)

I bought Jasmine this awesome 'spin dress' from an online shop called "Playing Fair". This is about as still as she would stand, because "dancing music" was on! It's Fair trade fortnight, and since I can't have Fair Trade chocolate or coffee, I thought I could at least buy FT cotton clothes. Also bought her a little "ballerina belt"...

which is popular. She is a dress-girl, that's for sure. Don't know where she gets it from. She always wants to wear her long white flowergirl dress everywhere, so for $18, I'm going to get her a few more spin dresses.

There wasn't much I liked in the boys' clothes, unfortunately, or I would have spent three times as much. But Jas loves these. They seem really well made, and I like supporting women who are being paid properly, especially since I started reading this:

Nadiah at "Playing Fair" offered me a discount for mentioning her shop on my blog, since she only really advertises by Word of Mouth, but I decided not to take it. It's so cheap I don't need a discount, and I would have mentioned it anyway.

Live below the Line is going well. I probably should have eaten more before going to the blood bank, but that's my own fault entirely. It didn't occur to me that an 1130 appointment was close to lunch, and with a few problems and delays it was 2:30 by the time I finished my platelet donation. So I got a bit dizzy! lol! First time in about 110 donations... they made me lay on the floor, laughing and a bit embarrassed, with my feet on a chair. I ate what they gave me, because you can't be dizzy when you drive your kids home, but next time I'll be prepared.

And now, the kids are in bed for a nap, and I'm going to grab the wheel and do some spinning, too :D


Lynne said...

Jasmine looks like she's very happy with her new clothes.

My DD used to call them "twirly whirly" dresses and loved all things pretty - till she reached her teens and started putting on weight!

kelgell said...

:D Jasmine is such a girl. She looks so thrilled in the ballerina belt photo. Funny how she's so into dresses and jewellery and shoes.

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