Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous girl!

I don't know where she gets her utter girliness from. Not me. She loves bags, shoes, dolls, dresses, fairies, dancing, makeup, jewellery... today she was a very lucky little 3-year-old. She got a new doll (with a bottle! lol), a doll house, a tea set, a toy guinea pig, a toaster, a fairy costume and some other nice things. (She really likes the bug-keeper, which is a funny twist on the girliness, and went bug-hunting with Daddy, but it was too cold to find any today.) And, of course, the Weasley Sweater.

Now, I loved this green, but my Mum bought her a light pink sparkley acrylic knitted top from KMart which (dammit) suits her much better! LOL! But making this was a pleasure, and I finished it on time. Love that back cable...

Not a lot of love for the white buttons, but I can replace them at my whim. And it still hasn't had the blocking it needs to add a smidgeon of length to the sleeves.

But she's very warm and happy in it :)

Love you, baby.


Jack said...

Love it! Happy Birthday Jaz!

Lynne said...

Happy birthday Miss Knittering.

It's a lovely jumper - I love the cable.

kelgell said...

I love it. It looks fab. Green doesn't seem to suit her as well as girly colours but it's good to have some variety in your wardrobe. I really like that it's a cardi too. That makes it cuter on her. I think the right button change would pep it up a lot too. Nice work though. The cables are great.
Happy Birthday Jazie!

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