Thursday, July 7, 2011

It wasn't my day, today.

It wasn't my day, today. The baby is sick. And snotty. My back hurts. My ball winder broke. The laptop is broken. The other computer thought seriously about breaking, too. The house is a mess. The cake for tomorrow is not made. The fish came out of the oven half-raw. The internet refused to connect. The kids fought. And I couldn't find buttons I liked for Jasmine's new jumper, so it didn't even get blocked.

Nope. Today was somebody else's good day.

But I did finish this. The Wurm of Awe!

1. It looks like a plain tube. And it is.
2. But it is the best, warmest hat ever
3. and it's the thickest cowl.
4. See, it has a folded over top edge, with an icord tie
5. which you can tuck into the inside if you like.
6. It will come in handy for those bank robberies or too-cold-to-breathe-outside mornings
7. but right now I'm wearing it with my hair hanging out the back, like a super headband.

My friend, Telly, just rang to organize a movie night (HP next week) and I'm going to add some Slytherin silver to the hat somehow and wear it to the movie. Also, Nathan fixed the ball-winder and the internet. And now that the kids are asleep, it is very quiet and peaceful. I'm drinking cocoa and eating some dark dark chocolate. After that I'm going to make a chocolate cake, blow up some balloons and get cracking on the OWL gloves, which I'm getting rather behind on!

Yes, a bit of cake and colorwork is just what I need.


kelgell said...

Oh I could use some cake. Maybe I'll get my own cake for Jasmine's birthday tomorrow. He he. Guess your night was better than your day then? Glad it doesn't stay bad forever. Like the wurm idea. I have to finish off some projects so I can use those needles to start new ones that are waiting.

Lynne said...

Glad your day ended better than it started.

Yumm, dark chocolate!

Enjoy your movie night next week.

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