Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hip hip

The last mittens: All You Need Is Love

Knitted in MadelineTosh Sport (white) and the yarn Kelly sent me all the way from England (blue). They didn't look that great until they got a good blocking. I massacred one of Byron's foam alphabet squares, turned them inside out, shoved the high tech blockers in, and steamed them over a pot. I would have given them a good soaking, but the blue was coming off on my left finger as I knitted, and a steam block worked fine.

Obviously, I couldn't decide which color I liked best for the background/pattern, so I did one of each ;) Now I think I like the right one best. More color, and a 'cleaner' pattern, I guess.

Now I've finished my OWL, which was 4 pairs of mittens in the three months of the Harry Potter game "school year". And when I've finished just one more project (which is nearly done) I'll have done 18 classes, as well as doing pretty well as a Quidditch chaser.

Next month is a break from Hogwarts, so I'll be doing a few old WIPs, and a little bit more of this...

Thankyou for taking too much tax, Julia, because giving it back in a chunk means I have enough spending money to buy a Knitter's Loom, and one can never have too many yarny toys!


Lynne said...

Pretty mittens; I'm with you - I think the one on the right stands out better.

That last photo is absolutely gorgeous.

kelgell said...

I like that you did one of each. That matching but not look is kinda fun. I do like the white background one though. Did the yarn I sent change colour much? Hard to tell in this pic.

Has your loom arrived? That blanket (?) looks quite nice. I look forward to seeing what you make on it.

kelgell said...

Oh, that grey woven SCARF is a completed project I see (in rav). You've already been playing. Nice.

Sinéad said...

Love love love those mittens! Absolutely gorgeous. And yay for tax rebates!

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