Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Knitting with acrylic

Gack! It's yukky scratchy stuff... but I couldn't help myself! I didn't know what to take in to town on Friday night, so I took my two 4mm circs and decided to get some cheap DK and make Jasmine some "made to fit" toe up socks.

So I found this acrylic because the colors grabbed my attention. It's "Fair Isle" yarn, because it supposedly looks like you're doing Fair Isle when you knit stocking stitch. lol. Anyway, I made up a mini sock for Mini-girl, measuring it on her foot as I went. More people stopped to ask me what I was knitting and peek at a chubby, sleeping little cherub. Jasmine pulls people over when she's awake... they're just walking by and she practically sucks them closer with her happy grin. hehe.

I made a long one with a fold-over rib cuff. Did a short-row heel. In hindsight, I should have tried toe-ups on baby socks first, because it would have saved me frogging the heel of my S's S, but I like the way short-row heels turn out. Then I made another one on Saturday... most of it... it's not actually finished yet, because I realized I had heaps left to make Jasmine a little top.

This is what came out:

Made thus:

About 70g of DK yarn on 6mm needles. Cast on 40 stitches and garter stitch, doing a short-row of 10 every 12th row (to make it flare out a bit over the nappy). Cast on about 25 at the top where you want your straps, and when they're a good width, cast them off. Join at the back by kitchenering to the cast-on (if that makes sense. It's nice and flat.) Join straps to the back.

Now I think it's a little long, but it doesn't matter. It will fit her for ages. I never really liked the look of sideways tops, but I like this one. Probably because of the model. Ü

Also made some onion skin dye. It didn't come out too dark. It was supposed to go from white through to the brown I saw in the internet picture, but it didn't change color much! Still, it's fun to try this stuff.

Well, I'm off to bludge Ü for 30 more minutes before it's time to cook tea.


kelgell said...

Nice knitting fun. You'll have to pack my secret socks for a while now....since you're picking me up tomorrow to come and stay a few days. He he. Time to work on some other projects.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Great projects!!! The kidlet is just adorable! :D

Sinéad said...

I love the little top! So clever! Of course the model makes it soo much better lol.

Tara said...

The top (and the model, that goes without saying) are adorable!

OK, this is probably a French thing but... you cook tea??? lol

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