Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More socks

The things I got from Sunspun were two 3mm (40cm) circular needles and a ball of Harry Potter Opal sock yarn in "Hedwig".

(I stole this picture)

Can't show you the needles, as I immediately cast on some Secret Sister Socks. She may have suggested I make her some socks for her birthday, but I actually already bought the yarn. Therefore, since she half-spoiled the surprise, she can know they're coming but not what they look like. mwah ha hah!

On a totally different note, check out these lovely blokes...

Second from the left is Private Matthew Gellert, and the one on the right is Private Simon Gellert. They're helping with the bushfire cleanup, because they're in the army reserves, and they're cleaning up in the area where my Auntie and Uncle lost their house. Simon and Matthew are my little brothers Ü
They are helping the CFA, checking for bodies and looking after victims. Matt says he's heading back next weekend to cook for 1000 people! I think he's finding the contrast between there and home a bit jarring. He says you have to be careful what you say up there, because so many people have lost family members. The death toll is now 200, I believe.
Can't help but feel a bit proud of them Ü


Sam said...

hugs to your brothers for doing what must be a horrific job.

Jack said...

A big thank you to your brothers and condolences to your Aunt and Uncle.

kelgell said...

LOL! Are you making them with the Harry Potter Hedwig wool?? How funny! Glad you have good ideas. Now I'll just have to wait.

And I'm a bit proud of my brothers too.

Tara said...

You're right to be proud of your brothers for getting involved, Tam. (And wow! you've got a big family, don't you?).

Yay for secret sister socks!

Alrischa said...

Not telly, Kelly!

o o

Sinéad said...

You must be very proud of your brothers, and rightly so. What a difficult job. Condolences to you Aunt and Uncle too. It must be very hard for them.
On a lighter note; love the Harry Potter sock yarn; I've yet to succumb myself to it's pleasures, must resist!

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