Friday, February 27, 2009

A teensy bit of FI

My sister came out for a few days this week, which is usually a time of chocolate, movies and yarn (and half the amount of work with kids Ü). We did pretty well in the chocolate department this time (it was kinda banned), though we only managed to watch two Lord of the Rings movies (as you can't really watch them around littlies.)

Kelly crochetted a whole scarf and I made this cute little thing:

for this cute little thing:

She would not give me a smile! hehe.
It's not quite as long as I would like, but it's ok. I fair-isled the flowers with scraps from my previous hat (which I frogged after unsuccessfully trying to unpick the cast-on to add length) and the color differences in the flowers are more subtle than I actually intended. But they were pretty basic "flowers" anyway. More a square with rounded edges. lol.
I still have half the skein left, too, so maybe I'll make another Ü


Sinéad said...

I think the flowers are lovely. the colours sort of blend into each other, a nice soft effect. Glad you had fun with your sister!

Tara said...

Love the hat. LOVE. The colours make me happy, as do the flowers.

And I miss being able to watch all 3 movies in one sitting! Those were the days!!!

kelgell said...

He he. My scarf doesn't look as nice as your hat...but then I did use cheap acrylic. Oh well. Thanks for letting me borrow that huge Lord of the Rings book. Will be good to hear all the other stories that you miss watching the movies. Gonna read The Hobbit first. Starting that tonight.

Kyoko said...

That is such a lovely cap. The colors blend well and they are so nice. I have two older sisters and I love spending time with them.

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