Thursday, February 5, 2009

Treadmill socks

Now that Jasmine is 6 months old, I have been trying to do some exercise in the morning. I need to lose a few more inches to be the size I'm making my Vivian!! lol. It's the middle of Summer, but I have a treadmill and an air conditioner, so I really have no excuse not to.

Byron thinks the treadmill is his, but he is (finally) staying away from it while I walk. Instead he annoys Jasmine until she cries and I have to get off for a minute. While I walk, I've been knitting socks. It's plain stocking stitch on two circulars, so it's pretty good tready-knitting. Here is number 1 Neon Sock. I turned the heel on number 2 today. (Check out that massive 25cm foot. Yes, it's mine.)

It's Neon from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and it doesn't look like much in the ball, but I am loving how it knits up! It's got three plies, and from what I can tell, one stays green-blue, one stays light blue and the other has long color changes through pink, purple, orange and yellow. It's self-striping in a very subtle way, and I love it. The colorway is called Lagoon, and it really does make me think of a reflection.

Pretty. sigh. Makes me want to go swimming in a little billabong somewhere. Doesn't that look cool, Tara?
I have more Neon, and now it's going to be more socks! When I finish some of my WIPs, that is.


kelgell said...

You're gonna end up with sooo many socks by winter you won't need to buy any. ha ha. You can knit me a pair for my birthday. I like the look of them.

Sinéad said...

I love those sock colours, very caribbean island. Not only will you have loads of socks, but you'll be as skinny as a rake!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those socks are beautiful! And I am still extremely impressed by your treadmill knitting skills.

Tara said...

Can'T BELIEVE you can knit and exercise at the same time. You're SUCH a show-off. Tara is WAY IMPRESSED! lol!

Kyoko said...

You are very good to exercise! I think I should get on to Wesley's exercise bike☺ Love the socks and the yarn. Beautiful colorways. 3ply sock yarns are so nice to knit with♥ Ooo I must finish my socks too!

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