Monday, May 18, 2009

Mousie 2

Our new neighbors (they are building a house) are excited because soon they get their first granddaughter, after quite a few grandsons. Normally, I confess, I try to discourage this weird Gender Importance, especially after finding it so annoying myself. (If everyone tells you "I hope it's a girl!" you stress about whether anyone will be as excited for your potential-son.) But this is a bit different, because this is actually the second girl, the first being lost in a miscarriage recently.

Since our neighbors are so nice that Byron keeps asking to go visit them, (and I also needed an excuse) I made their daughter's daughter a Mousie.


Jasmine approves.

Mousie 1 was knit in fluffy 8ply alpaca, and Mousie 2 was knit in smooth 5ply crepe wool. It's a little like knitting with cotton, but the end result is nice and smooth. The 5ply makes the mouse quite a bit smaller, though I used the same needles.

Took this one for Kel, who liked the similar photo in the book. Ysolda's a better photographer than I am, of course, and doesn't use her two-year-old's blocks. Ü

I dyed a 50g ball of white into the pink/yellow mix. The whole mouse weighs 15g. What shall I do with the rest? Maybe it would make a cute hat for her Ü


Jack said...

I vote for a hat!

kelgell said...

He hehe, cute! Funny seeing Jasmine like that. I can imagine her with a real mouse..."Look mummy, look what I caught." LOL!

I think you should knit some more mice. I'm sure there's bound to be other opportunities to give them away.

Sinéad said...

Look at that mouse in the mousehole! Too cute. As is that yummy little gir with her captured mouse! I love the pink colour of the mouse too, btw.

Tara said...

Adorable! I bet your neighbours were delighted!

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