Friday, May 22, 2009

Ysolda strikes again

I was going to make a hat to match Mousie Number 2, and I was looking through my Ravelry Queue to see if I'd put a good pattern there. That's when I realized what it is that all girls need...


Matching Mousie and Mary-Janes

I had a lot of trouble with the strap, and a little trouble with the directions being a bit too vague. It wasn't until the shoes were both done that I realized they were right. I blocked them by stuffing plastic bags into them (so they looked like shoes instead of floppy nothings).

I made the large size (err on the size of L for babies, I say) and they actually fit Jasmine. Here is her cute, chubby foot, reluctantly modelling one shoe...

She couldn't get it off, which impressed me no end. The strap, when done up, simply doesn't fit over the foot. It holds the back of the heel up, and there's no stretch in the top edge of the foot. A great shoe for a baby!

Not Jasmine's, though. Off it goes to the neighbor's girl's girl.

Today I had lots of time off. As Nathan is working tomorrow at his "hobby job", he told me to stay out until 4 or so. I had 7 hours! So off I went to Bendigo to visit the Bendigo Woollen Mills.


It didn't occur to me to take my camera, but it was a beautiful day for tripping around the countryside. I think it must have been the warmest of all the warm days this week. It took me about 2 hours to get there, but I had a great time turning the Bargain Room inside out. I got a few things.

Quite a chunk of my Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show money is gone, but I shall be able to save most of it again. Anyway, you can't get better value for money!


Now it's nearly ten, and (apart from buttoning the shoes) I haven't done any knitting. Tonight I'm doing a little Vivian.


Sam said...

gorgeous little shoes! It was a great day for touring today wasn't it? I headed the other direction and went into Melbourne instead, but it appears that we both did some stash enhancing!

kelgell said...

Oh yay! THose shoes are gorgeous!! Ha ha. So right. Cute shoes cute mouse perfect present. Nice work. And what fun to finally make it to the Bendigo Mill! Wonderful!

me said...

I love the knitted mary janes! My girls wore them when they were sooooo small, what great memories! They match perfectly with sweet mouse!

Tara said...

Those shoes are adorable! I'm definitely adding them to my Ravelry queue :)

Sinéad said...

I love those shoes. Too cute! Like Tara, I think they'll have to join my queue. Lovely modelling with the cutie pudgy leg!
I bet you had a ball at the Bendigo mills! I count myself lucky there's nothing like that near me. It would be far too dangerous!

Ruth's Place said...

Such pretty shoes,and a cute little mouse.

I loved the Bargain room at Bendigo Woollen Mills when I lived in Bendigo. You got a great haul there.

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