Saturday, May 16, 2009

Temptations. Sigh.

As you can see, I didn't resist the urge to cast on something new...

I've had this cheap 50% wool, 50% acrylic sitting on the bench for a while. I dyed it by rolling it into two balls and throwing it in a pot of vinegar, soap, water and "orchid" (red and blue food dye). As you can see, the dye doesn't get all the way in properly, which makes an interesting effect when knitting it up Ü. I'm on the second mitten, now, knitting from the fingertips down.

I went shopping this morning, which means I sat in Stockland and knitted. I've almost finished my sister's birthday socks; there are about 5 rounds to go! Here's a sneak peak at the bottom of the foot, all color leeched out :D hehehe

And now onto today's shopping...

I bought a fluoro yellow ball of yukky mostly-acrylic because Nathan wanted a fluoro yellow hat. It wasn't fluoro enough for him, I think, but it will do. I won't hurt your eyes by posting a pic, though. Instead...

Moda Vera Picchio. 70% merino, 30% silk.

It's so pretty, I skeined it for photography, but I couldn't get all the colors to photograph properly. Anyway, the brownish one is "bark" and the greenish one is "Fusion". It's so soft! It's a lot like Noro silk garden, except the long color changes are more muted, the yarn is more even, and it's Not At All scratchy. Beautiful! I wanted to get 4 to make a "noro striped scarf" but I didn't really have $32.

Then a friend came over and bought our "Paddock Bong" as Byron calls it. It's the first car I ever bought, but it's a 1984 Mitsubishi that has long been Nathan's paddock bomb. Now it can only be jump-started, and it's not really good for anything but scrap. But Glenn's bought it, and now I have more yarn money for Bendigo!

(Anyone else out there traded a car for yarn? lol)

Now it's my hubby's turn to have time off. He was moving my garden from 100m down the yard to just outside the door, but he found a wasps nest under one of the sleepers, so he left it alone. Now he's out in the shed making me up a sock blocker, bless his blokey heart. hehe.


Sam said...

what a great idea! I can't wait to see the matching (unmatching?) mitten.

Sinéad said...

Trading a car for yarn? You make me proud. If only I could distract hubby long enough to sell his lol!
Can't wait to see your sock blockers!

me said...

I'm glad that you can't help casting on a new project.. there is something magical about casting on.... I'm with you!!!!!
Thanks for keeping up the inspiration!!!

kelgell said...

Ha ha ha. What an amusing read! Love how your time off allows him to make things for you. And your teasing picture that tells me next to nothing!! You've only got 12 days to finish it.

Tara said...

Traded a car for yarn... You've raised the bar for us all, my dear!

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