Monday, May 11, 2009

For Jasmine

Unlike Stickyfingers, who makes her 10-month-old cute toys, I made my 10-month-old a rat!

Ok, so he's a little bit sweet Ü. He's actually a "Mousie" from Ysolda's book.

I knit him in about 24 hours, partly because I was itching to cast-on something new (so it may as well be something quick) and partly because it occurred to me that I once knit Byron a toy when he was 10 months old.
Byron is not going to like that this is Jasmine's, though. He got all upset when he wasn't allowed to take it to bed (even though it was still missing eyes and an ear). I must admit, it is soft and cuddly!
I used my pair of 2.5mm knit-picks circulars, but I made it from 8ply alpaca (DK), which is why it looks more like a rat than a mouse. It's grey alpaca from Bendigo Woollen Mills and "Faye" (DK alpaca) in "Blush" (semi-solid pink) from Wired for Fibre.


me said...

that little mouse is almost too real for me....How Cute! Your yarn on your FOs is beautiful - love the yellow mix! What will you cast on now?

Sam said...

so sweet! although yes, a little bit freaky... lol

kelgell said...

I think it's great. He's pretty cute. I remember Mousie was one of my favourite toys and I think Auntie Sandie made it. I was actually a bit sad when it got wrecked beyond repair...think one of the dogs got it. Hm,Byron's almost 2years huh? That's generally the "everything is mine" stage though I'm sure it's not limited to one year. I guess he'll learn eventually. Cute that he wanted to take it to bed before it was even finished.

Alrischa said...

I'm trying not to cast on another one. lol!

I already have my six WIPs, so I wasn't supposed to cast on anything else. But it was only 24hours.

I don't remember your mouse, Kel... Luckily for Byron, Jasmine isn't that interested in it! It's not nice to chew on, and therefore pointless. hehe.

Tara said...

I have thus far successfully managed to resist the temptation to knit a toy. And your mousie, no matter HOW cute he is, will not sway me! :) Now go cast on another one for Byron.

Sinéad said...

That mouse is so cute! I love his/her tail.

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