Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just in time

And here I thought the sleeves would be a breeze. They were, I guess; it's not a hard top to knit, but I was Over It before I even started the first wrist. Something about knitting lately is making me want to throw it! So I had to push myself a little to finish this for TOMORROW... Jasmine's 1st birthday jumper Ü

Here's a random one from the other day. It was a "blue sky one minute, bucketting the next" sort of day. The sun's going down and the rain is coming in.

We've had about 5 weeks of colds now. I've rotated to coughing lung chunks now, so I'm off to whinge to the doctor in a few days. Jasmine's birthday is tomorrow, and I've made up a choc-mint icecream cake. I let her taste a bit of the icecream... and she refused to try a second bite!! Oh well. Icecream cake is for mummy and daddy anyway.
I have a redback in a jar in front of my keyboard. She'd strung up a web right where I stretch out my feet under the desk, little wretch, so she got jarred. Redbacks are poisonous but not often deadly; their bites sting, though, so I don't think I'll keep her around the kids. Jasmine had three immunisations today, and that's enough drama for me!


kelgell said...

Nice work getting that jumper done. Just in time. I gather you didn't bother ripping the body back. And nasty redback. It's a bit eeeky that it was inside where you stretch your legs. And I think the icecream cake sounds so delicious. I love choc mint.

Sinéad said...

That's a really lovely sweater. And Happy Birthday Jasmine!! Time really flies, huh?
Yum ice-cream cake too, I love choc-mint.
I won't say anything about the spider except ewww!

mary jane said...

Such a cute sweater, can't wait to see Jasmine in it!

Tara said...

You know you're reading an Australian blog when you get the "Oh, and there's a poisonous beasty setting up shop at my feet..." Nice work on the jumper, the sleeves are a really nice touch.

Karin said...

The sweater is adorable. I can't wait to see a picture of Jasmine wearing it.


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