Friday, February 19, 2010

Brad Smith

This is where I go on my evening off each week; my dear hubby comes home from work and I run off to the shopping centre. I try not to do a lot of actual shopping ($$) but lucky for me, Stockland thought it would be nice to put some random lounge rooms all around the place. And look; what's that little thing in the pot plant....?

It's Mr. Smith Ü

This is the table at the food court where I actually sat tonight, working on the last bit of Mr. Smith while having turkey and cheese sandwiches and iced coffee.
Here he is, headless and inside out. The rows of spikes are just knitted together with a row of body here and there...


Peeking out of my little knitting bag. What a cute face! I forgot to take some stuffing, but I found a little bag of it in Kmart. Then I worked on my Twilight Twilight mitt for a while...

It's looking tight for the Ravelympic challenge; tight, as in "I think I need to stop playing on the computer because I don't have time!!!" lol.
Of course, there's always time for a little distraction. This distraction is Karin's fault for posting this sock picture ;) . It's 120g of sock wool, basically just chucked into a pot of green food dye and vinegarred water and poked down a bit and cooked. I'm going to try knitting DK socks with two strands together... some time in the future...

Green Green Green ÜÜÜ
Downhill Dyeing is an Event, as it happens, so I entered my distraction in it and got my blog-'medal':


kelgell said...

Ha ha ha. Took me a moment to get your post heading. He's a cutie. Can't wait till he's "married". He he. Your sock wool looks lovely. Bright green should keep you smiling through the winter once your socks are made and wearable.

Karin said...

I love Mr. Smith. He is so cute. You did a great job. Also like the green yarn.


Sinéad said...

How cute is that hedgehog? He's gorgeous! Glad you're getting some time away and enjoying the Ravelympics!

Lynne said...

Mr Smith is very cute. Congratulations on the medal for your beautiful green yarn.

Tara said...

Such a cute hedgehog! And yay for getting out once a week :) btw, I can't access a few of your earlier posts (the word "0lympics" has been blocked, heh. But I've read them!

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