Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 4

It's Day 4 of the Winter Olympics, and the easiest of my three events has been successfully completed. I'm pretty sure it will fit, but I'm wondering if another inch would have made it a better length. I also thought the whole thing might have been too tight, but after giving the cast on a bit of a steam, it relaxed itself into oblivion, almost. Now I'm wondering if it's a bit loose... we'll soon see. My niece's birthday is in another week.
I've made a good start on Mr. Smith. I looked up You Tube (as a fellow Ravthlete advised) to see how a disappearing circular cast on was done. That was very helpful! I disappearing-circular-cast-on-ed my little echidna's butt, and started increasing. Ysolda has you stopping periodically to make these little spikes...
...and then knit them on to the body...

So far I've done 5, which is half. The yarn is a bit too splitty for my knitpicks needles, but it's so nice that I can't even complain about it in my head. It's polworth and silk, soft and shiny.
I also made a start on the Twilight mitts, mainly because I was losing my place in the spikes so often (as happens regularly when you own three kids under three Ü). I just needed something a bit more mindless, and black ribbing seemed like just the thing. Haven't taken a photo. It's a pathetically small amount.
Meanwhile, to compensate for the lack of knitting pictures (in spite of all the knitting) here's an old jumper I made before Byron was born, which is now fitting Jasmine.
If you think wool jumpers and bare feet are an odd mix, it's to match the odd Summer weather, which has my heater on in the morning and the air conditioner in the afternoon ;)


kelgell said...

I'm liking the look of the echidnas. They're gonna be so cute and soft and cuddly. Well done with one completion. Hope you manage to get the rest done too.

Ruth's Place said...

Congrats on the 100 posts. Cute jumper - we are having weird summer weather too.

Lynne said...

That jumper still looks good on Jasmine and I'm sure it will do duty for Zachary too - a job well done and worth the time spent knitting it.

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