Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bored of stitches...

Since I currently have a shelf-ful of WIP's (and don't feel like working on any of them) I decided to whip up a quick felted scarf for the sheer satisfaction of finishing something!

This time I was determined to make it thinner, so I laid down three thin layers of Mocha and Nutmeg from Garments and Gadgets (which I bought in Bendigo last July). It was about 3m long at the beginning, but 2m when felted. It's a bit fragile-feeling, but fairly evenly see-through, and weighs 46g. Only took a couple of hours, and most of that was 'during the ad breaks'. hehe.

Sorry about the dodgy photo. Want to see some more brown?

Nutkin number one has passed the heel, but I am now a bit sick of that pattern.

I've recently started a pond-scum-green cable jumper and pink socks for Jasmine, a blue hat and a white cowl for me. Byron's birthday comes first, though, so I'm thinking up ideas for him. He wants black. Sigh. I barely have any black, but it's his favorite color, so I may have to shop... ;)


kelgell said...

Hey, the next socks. Funny colour...at least in the photo. I think it's kinda funny that Byron's fav colour is black. At least you can probably do a bit of a pattern and he won't mind. As long as it's black.

Lynne said...

Knitting black is quite tricky too, especially at night. Good luck.

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