Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cables, yarn, puppies

This is my Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. Sort of.

I made the whole thing with 5mm needles instead of 8mm needles (oooops!) and now it's Jasmine's.

She loves it, but she's developed a camera-aversion, and ran off after this. Must make another one in the proper size. It's a simple, free, easy, quick and nice hat, and looks good in BWM luxury "denim".
Decided I was in a blue mood yesterday, so while my sister was over (distracting the kids) I made a big skein of Luxury in "cream" (200g) and wet it, pulled it out (wrapping it around my wrist), added dye to the pot, and slowly lowered it in. My plan is to make socks with blue and white stripes. We'll see. The way things are going they'll be legwarmers for the girl, to match my blue cabled hat, and the cream cowl that will probably fit her better than me.
Maybe I'll make myself a scarf with 8mm needles ;)

This skein, twisted up tightly, was longer than I am, so about 6-foot :D
Just a random photo of Byron from the other day. We went to visit my brother's dog (Bella) and the seven Beagle puppies. Sigh!


Esther said...

Abby is telling me you should get a puppy so she can play with it when she comes down.

I like the beret. It's very pretty, even if it is a bit smaller than planned.

Sinéad said...

PUPPIES!!! I love Beagles. I think it's their sad faces, makes me want to mind them & cheer them up. Aww.
Jasmine's hat is really lovely, even if it was a needle mistake! But you should defo make yourself another one. :D

Tara said...

Jasmine looks adorable in her beret! And wow, those puppies are the cutest. Did you manage to NOT take any home?

Crafty Tuesday said...

I LOVE Beagle puppies! So cute :-). Wish I could have a pet where I live but, alas, no.

Lynne said...

Aw, cute. Don't show my SIL, he'll want one (of the puppies, that is - he and DD have a one year old son and another baby on the way)

Karin said...

Nice cables and I love the puppies.

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