Monday, March 21, 2011

More blue

I rolled up the yarn from the last post and started my scarf straight away :)

All I did, basically, was knit a magic loop tube of 30 stitches.

Two meters/ 310 rows/ 9300 stitches later, my 200g ball of Luxury 10ply came to an end.

And because it's just a tube, not only do I get a double-sided non-rolly stocking stitch scarf, but I can turn it inside out for some variety.

I considered giving this to my sister, who is heading off to Freezengland to be a nanny (of sorts). I imagined her wrapping it twice around her neck and then putting an arm in each end. Or wrapping it around the neck of "her" two year old's neck, and putting an end on the head of each twin baby. Or putting a knot in one end and using it to store her English yarn stash.
But I love it!
Sorry, Kel. Maybe I'll have to make another one!


Lynne said...

So simple and so clever.

Crafty Tuesday said...

Love it, gorgeous colour!

me said...

Love these blues! This turned out perfect (except not so perfect for your sister!)

kelgell said...

He he. Nevermind. The colours turned into really good stripes. Nice work. I've seen these type of scarves stretch so you put one end on your head like a beanie and then wrap the rest around your neck. Dunno if yours is big enough to do that. Hope it keeps you happy and warm this winter.

Sinéad said...

Love it! Good job. The colours are great.

Tara said...

It looks great! Lovely self-striping goodness. Well done!

Ruth's Place said...

Very clever, and beautiful!

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