Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March spin

Finished my March spin with one day to spare. Here are 3 balls of singles totalling 200g. Seems I can only fit about 70g on the bobbin at a time, but it's easy to wind it off onto the ball winder. The fiber is Ewe Give Me The Knits merino/silk in "Peppercorn". I'm pleased with my consistency this time, and the 2ply yarn came out at 400m, which makes it about Worsted Weight. I do not know how people can spin a three-ply sock yarn!
Could not get a good shot of the true color, but there's a better photo on Ravelry, which is what inspired me to buy Peppercorn in the first place :D.


Lynne said...

I'm not a spinner but what you've done looks great to me. It is, indeed, a lovely colour.

Tara said...

Lovely! I've tried spinning ONCE (with a spindle), and the idea of people spinning sock yarn - or laceweight!!! - baffled me.

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