Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bendigo 2013

Let's have a rest from 6ply, shall we? lol...

Yesterday, I got up early (well, I tried to) and picked up Kelly on the way to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show for 2013! It wasn't quite as sunny as other years have been, but the Show was just as good, and there was no lack of color, for such a grey day.

We made it just in time to see the Fashion Show, though we had to stand in the breezy door behind the speaker because the place was quite full!

I wore my completed Idlewood, and my fingerless mitts made to 'match' the Idlewood, and was warm. Warmer than those girls, I'm sure!

We explored the place and spent as much money as we could :) We got nacho baked potatoes (there's a good mix!) and looked around the competition shed.




Drunk bees

Crazy stuff


More lace

Lots and lots of handspun; this was my favorite

When the showgrounds were about to shut, we tripped off down to the Nanny and Ewe thing at a bowling club down the road. There wasn't much there, frankly. I wanted to get a new stash of Chiao Goo needles, but they didn't have any short straight circulars. There was free coffee, anyway, and then we headed off back to Ballarat with LOOT.

Might talk about my loot next time. And that 6ply top that's finally done.


ruthsplace said...

I'm jealous! Looks like a fabulous day out. You know I spent a year living in Bendigo and a year in Ballarat, so the Bendi show blog post makes me quite nostalgic...

kelgell said...

Your photos are better than mine but bring back good memories. So glad i made sure i went. Ah such a good day.

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