Monday, July 29, 2013

The Tour de Fleece

This year I played the Tour de Fleece game on Ravelry, where we spin our wheels (as do the riders in the Tour de France) each day that they do. There are no rules, really; it's just an excuse to "get together" for a spin :)

So here's the yarn I spun during this tour, all 3653m of singles

You've seen this one. Kathy's Fibres merino in "Summer Fruit". About 220m of 2ply.

A skein of the Idlewood Mashup. Kathy's Fibres merino in "Timber" and oatmeal BFL/silk/angelina batt mixed up by me. About 65m of 6ply

This mashup skein is KF merino in "Timber" and "Strelitzia". 70m of 6ply.
"Strelitzia" and "Currawong". Almost 90m of 6ply.
Kathy's Fibres merino in "Red flowering gum" and Ixchel's angora/merino/tencel in "Autumn". 75m of 6ply.
SO nice to spin something other than 6ply! This is the Autumn Fibre club from Kathy, in the colorway "Autumn at the Oakbank Races". 200m of 3ply. Merino and tencel.
I realized at the start of the TdF that I could sit on the couch if I put my Jenny on the knitting box. It occurred to me this day that I could put my feet up, if I was careful. Nathan thought it was funny, and put this on Facebook. :) Lazy, eh?
And this is what I was spinning, which is Kathy's Fibres BFL/mohair, 278m of 3ply. This will be socks one day!

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ruthsplace said...

You got a lot more spun than I did! They all look wonderful.

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