Thursday, July 25, 2013

New stash!

But first, the finished Idlewood, where I took 1200g of fibre

and spun it into 1165m (1275y) of 6ply yarn, and then knit it into this heavy, warm top.

which I've worn a lot since!

 Also used the scraps (a few yards I kept from each of the skeins) to make some gloves

in time to wear to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo.


And now, on to Bendi stash...

My goal this year was to get some different yarns to spin, including a fleece. And so, I got some


Blue Faced Leicester/ silk 50/50

Llama and silk
Merino/Suri alpaca/ silk
This experimental attitude goes along well with the latest surprise fibre (AKA fibre club) from Kathy's Fibres, which was

but I didn't get that one at Bendi. I also picked up a jumper's worth of lovely Madelinetosh Vintage at the Zigo Zago stall, which I put straight into my "stash to save if there's a fire" box.

Steamer Trunk, Silver fox, Winter Wheat

And these sock yarn skeins just jumped into my bag, I don't know how :)

Stranded in Oz "Goddess of the Field", but it makes me think of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers".
Stranded in Oz "Friar Tuck Green". Sparkly.
Moseley Park, "Dion", also very sparkly. hehe.

I also got  a nice fleece from Moseley Park. I couldn't decide what kind of fleece to get, and was tossing up between Finn, Corriedale and English Leicester. Then I found this one

The woman at the MP stall said "Jack" has a grandparent of each breed, so it's a English Leicester, BFL, Corriedale and Finn mix up. And quite a grey/natural color, which I was also looking for.

Now I have a new plan for a NEWT next month (not that I'm even close to finishing my Potions OWL with only one week to go, but nevermind that) where I knit lots of grey. The current dream is
* Make a jumper, perhaps Stilwell but with stripes out of the Vintage
* Spin and knit the merino/suri/silk into a shawl, perhaps Shaelyn or Zenaura...
* Transfigure this fleece into knitted leggings and a hat and a woven skirt

That's not too much for 4 months, right?


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ruthsplace said...

Oh stash envy, I haz it! :D

Looks like a great haul from Bendi.

I'm off to google some of the labels I see in your stash pictures...

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