Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I started the Tour de Fleece with something different, thank goodness, and was so pleased to be spinning a different color that I finished this one on Day 1. My goal for this TdF is to spin 3403+m of singles while the bike riders do 3403km. I'm ahead so far :)

Alas, next time I post there should be 5 new six-plies. I've already knit up most of them; in fact, I have 40g to go of the Bravo I  spun ages ago, in May, I think, and then I only need to spin and knit India, and my handspun Idlewood is done. It weighs a bit over a kilo, which is heavy for what is basically a sleeveless top. It will be perfect for a cold Winter's day of fibre-shopping at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival in a few weeks.

So this skein is 100g of Kathy's Fibres merino in the color "Summer Fruit". It's a fractal plied 2ply, and I'm surprisingly happy with it; I don't usually like how my 2plies come out. But this one is tightly twisted and balanced :)

Fractal spinning, if you're wondering, is where you take a single with long color changes, and a single with short color changes and ply them together. With this one, I spun half the fibre as it was (making long color changes) and I split the other half into eight, so that the thinner pieces would change color quickly. I like the effect.

Jasmine, who turned five today, tells me that I can make myself a hat with it, if I have enough left over after making hers. hehe. I bought her Alana Dakos' book, which is very cute, and as soon as she finished it she wanted to learn to knit.

 I dug around and found some of my Nana's old straight needles, and she had a go for ten minutes. (Casting on was fun, knitting was hard). Later, her little brother broke one needle into four bits, so I'm going to buy her some later. She might be too young yet, though.

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