Friday, February 6, 2009

A bit of sun

It's officially 34 degrees outside (although my thermometer says 40.5) and it's supposed to be back up to 42 on Saturday. Phew! On top of the drought that has been going on for several years, now we're getting baked extra dry! I tried to dig a hole for a new tree a few weeks back, and an hour with a crowbar got me less than 10cm down.

Yet I know I'll miss the warmth, because down here at the bottom of Australia we (seem to) get 10 months of cold weather a year. So when I saw some fat yellow wool, I decided it would be just the thing to cheer and warm me, 6 months from now.

I've been knitting 3x1 rib for simple (long) fingerless gloves. (I liked my sister's ones a lot.) I've done most of one, but I decided to do the Calorimetry instead, to make sure a 50g ball was enough. It was plenty. I cast on 90 and worked until I had 14 in the middle, then worked out. It was actually a really simple pattern. I put a couple of buttons on this morning, so it took just one evening to knit.

Now I just have to finish the gloves. And the socks. And the other gloves. And the Vivian... and the noro hats... sigh.

It fits her ok (almost completely unstretched) and me just fine (a bit stretched).

My hair has gone dark and hers has lightened. We have almost the same color now.

Those kisses. Cute. Yuk.


Sinéad said...

What a cutie pie! Yellow looks really good on her too. And you of course! I love your Caliometry. I must get round to one of them some day, I love everyone elses!

Tara said...

Don't you love getting snogged by your kids? lol!

kelgell said...

She's so gorgeous!! I miss her. I need a car. *sigh* The ..hat??.. whatever it is looks good. I really like the colour. And i like that last photo of you and Jas.

Kyoko said...

Wow!!! 34 degrees! That's hot. We had a bit of sun in London today after the snow. I love the yellow yarn. It has such a nice shade. Nice hat (I like the fact that it has a button at the back) and a GORGEOUS BABY!!!♥ Her smile is so shiny :D

Anonymous said...

I understand what you were saying about your yellow passion now. And wow, I hope someday to have a little one half as cute as yours.

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