Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A few finished things

This is the first Noro hat.

I made one in this pattern for Nathan for his birthday (which he loved, btw), so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone: try Noro Silk Garden Lite and make similar hats for the rest of us. This one is mine... 100 stitches per round, and about 40 rows before the decreases (same as Nathan's). I might make Byron's with 90 stitches and Jasmine's with 80.

Here is one Broadripple sock. I only started it in September.

I decided to finish this one (so I could wear it!!!) and then put it into hibernation. It fits well, but I'm not loving the color or the style any more. And the cheapo needles are driving me nuts! Until I can get some very nice 3.25mm ones, the second sock can wait.

Here's a second sock, with a photo to prove it. My Neon socks.

They feel a little loose, but nice and warm. BTW, I know I said I had big feet, but I put my sole against my Dad's today, and my foot is about two-thirds his. I told him I'm not making him socks. He can buy his own.

This is not finished!

Well, no... but I finished row 80 of the Vivian. It only took me a month to do 30 rows. Silly thing. As soon as I can find (or obtain) some more 6mm needles, I'm going to start the sleeves, just to add some interest.

I'm saving up to buy a set of Harmony circulars. (er... just as soon as I get a couple more things from Sunspun...) I'll suggest it to Nathan as a birthday present, but it's probably out of the price range. lol. I should never have tried them. Sigh. Now I'm spoiled for all those affordable needles. Even those nice, cheap bamboo circulars from Lincraft... they're just not the same!


Sinéad said...

Gosh you've been a busy bee! I love the silk garden lite hat. I've never tried that yarn, only the Kureyon sock. The vivan is coming along nicely, even if you do a row every day it'll be finished before you know it!

Tara said...

Looks to me as though you're deep in the yarn lust, my dear. Enjoy!

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