Thursday, March 19, 2009

In search of chocolate

Two packages have arrived so far. Today's was spare 6mm tips and a cable for my Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeable Circular needle set. The Set is delayed, as Knitting Inspiration's supplier is out of them at the minute. Tuesday's package was my yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills. The 100% alpaca is SO soft. It might have to be a scarf. Anyway, I'm leaving that until last. Here's the first skein of 100% wool in 12 ply (bulky weight).

I laid gladwrap on the table and painted my vinegared skein with a teaspoon. I was going for browns with greens, using food dye. But this pink kept getting sucked out the side of the brown... and green on the other side. Weird.

I rolled it up and put it in a ziplock bag and boiled it a while.

Hmm. Where did all the brown go?

I re-blued it in the pot, but it came out weird purples and blue-greens. Not my favorite shades, but who knows how it will knit up?

What's this?:

I started thinking that Imitation Chocolate is a nice chocolate brown color, and probably has a high percentage of food dye in it. I tested a teensy bit, and it came out Cadbury Brown! So I hung my second long skein up (from the spice cupboard with pipe cleaners Ü) and chocolated the yarn. Did It Smell Good!
I dipped one end in for 5 minutes and hung it back up, so it would be light brown. Then I got bored of brown and cooked the other end in a pot of green.
Choc mint!
I was happy with these colors. Daisy and Barley were mystified.

But I think the sun took out a bit of the brown. It seems to have pinked up a little.

Drat. It was supposed to be boy colors. Looks like it will be things for me instead. Ü

I don't think I'll ever get a ball winder. I love doing it by hand. But I'll have to find a skein bobby thing one day. What are they called? I wonder if they sell that stuff at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival? I think we're all going this year. I planned to take the train, but Nathan seems keen to come, too. He's interested in building me a wheel (!) and wants to check them out. Alas, they seem to be in short supply in our little country town.

Well, it's 2:20am, and I am (insanely) not too tired. I love being up late because it's quiet from about 9pm. (Depending on Jasmine). But Byron will be awake in four-and-a-half hours, and I need to be able to drive to the library. He and his BF Zara are going to Toddler Storytime. How cute!


kelgell said...

Wow! You've been hard at work. Obviously having fun though.Do you put salt in when dyeing?? That's suppose to stop colour running...wonder if it would stop colour fading in the sun....

Tara said...

I think you're on to something, Tam : scented yarn! You'll take the fiber world by storm!

Oh, and I think you mean an umbrella swift :)

Sinéad said...

Love the colurs of the yarn you dyed, even if they weren't quite what you wanted. But, chocolate scented yarn? That's dangerous. In an extremely good way. In fact, I want one. Now.

Alrischa said...

Unfortunately the chocolate smell washed out of the yarn :-( but the kitchen smelled like chocolate all day!

Kyoko said...

Oh, yarn dying is so fun! It looks like you had a great time dying your yarn (love the photos of two sheep looking at the choc mint wool).
The choc scented yarn would be fabulous! years ago, my mum bought me a chocolate scented T-shirts from Hawaii. I absolutely love it (could not wear it for a while because I was too scared to loose the scent)!

Karin said...

I envy you. I am too chicken to try hand dyeing yarn. The colors look great and I can't wait to see what you knit up.


Belen said...

the yarn look so nice, I think I should try dying some day, maybe soon...

kisses from Barcelona

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