Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Used 3 bottles of immitation chocolate (which are $1.12 and 50ml each) and 100g of white patonyle sock yarn. I tied the skein in a few spots so white specks would be left, dipped it into the pot slowly, and left a few white bits out until the end.
Did a few inches of Vivian sleeve yesterday, but today I've been doing another mitten; yellow for Jasmine :)


Lynne said...

It certainly looks good enough to eat!

Sinéad said...

Mmm I can imagine the luscious smell as you heated it. yum!

Alrischa said...

Only I forgot to add vanilla... ;D

kelgell said...

The imitation choc sure turns out a nice brown. Be good to see it knitted up.

Tara said...

Nice work! Good LORD, woman, how do you find time to do all this crafty stuff, anyway???

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