Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's next...?

Happy Birthday, Abigail Grace! These were a little present for my gorgeous niece who just turned TEN (I feel dizzy... no... OLD!)

They're basically "Bella"s, a popular mitten pattern on Ravelry, due to the fact that they're warm and nice and easy, plus they are an attempt to copy the mittens Bella wears in a Twilight scene. I made my own pattern because I wanted to knit top-downs so I could just knit until the ball of yarn was almost out. Each one is about 50g of Cleckheaton 12ply, soft and thick... and washable :)

I added the button-cable at the end, though, and this...
only on the right glove. Her mum tells me she opened the rest of her presents with the fingers of her right hand ;)
Next project:

Fargyles. Zachary is helping me from the convenience of a baby carrier. We were sitting in MacDonalds (as you might notice) and the kids were on the playground. We do this every now and then; a five-dollar meal between the three of us (bottle for Z) and a few hours of playground for them and knitting for me.
Got distracted and whipped up this one day. Nathan asked me to make him one in (boring) plain black. (He refused all the nicer colored and striped options). So I made myself one to show him what he's missing. lol.

A future project: I've watched "Flushed Away" twenty or thirty times now, as Byron has become obsessed with it. It is pretty watchable, though, and I'm starting to obsess about making Rita's sweater. Maybe for Jasmine's birthday... I've been annoying Byron today by pausing the movie to get detail-pics. LOL.

Looks like 3x2 ribbing with 7 ribs on the front (and back) and two under the arm, eyelet holes around the edges, 3/4 sleeves and it has stitches running up the side seams. Should be easy, if I can find this color. It has to be this color, of course. I have the perfect color, but not enough.
Today I cast on the second Fargyle and then decided to make all the kids mittens (in my phone cover yarn). I'm not even down to the first thumb gusset and I want to cast on something else... hehehe.


Lynne said...

Cute mitts!

What a great way to get some knitting time with small children - clever you!

kelgell said...

Love that pic of you and Zachy. He looks so cute helping you show off your sock.

Tara said...

Aw, great pic of you and Zachary! And I LOVE the fact that you're going to attempt to recreate a sweater worn by an animated character! Who needs a Bourne sweater, right? lol

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