Monday, March 22, 2010


First, a pic of Jasmine wearing the meshy dress. It was short, more like a long top, and in the space it took me to have a shower, she'd caught and pulled three strands. Oh well. This is her saying, "DON'T! Go away!". I wonder if I'm taking too many photos of them. hehe.
Byron's hands in some little mittens. They fit well, with a bit of extra length, which is good for kids. The thumb stripes annoy me, though, but they'll be muddy and wrecked by the end of Winter, anyway. Lucky they only took about 20g of Luxury 4ply, which is worth about $1.40.

More mittens to come, but I'm in a Vivian mood, now, so progress pics on that might take a while.


Lynne said...

Cute top and mittens!

Sinéad said...

She looks lovely in the top, despite the actress tendencies ("I vant to be alone") heh.

Tara said...

Ooh! More Vivian progress! Can't wait to see, post pictures! (oh, maybe you already did :P)

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