Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chocolate shoes

First, the dyeing. I darkened these up a little

and did some tiny skeins of 5ply merino crepe. These are about 15 grams each.

The multi colored one is handpainted with "Aeroplane Jelly". hehehe. The brown semi-solid is imitation chocolate, and I have already used it all up for these:

I could take pictures of these tiny shoes all day! They are so cute. I heard my friend, Pam, had a daughter, and I immediately thought: "Oh, a girl! I can make some more tiny shoes!" I'm afraid I was planning dyeing and knitting through the rest of the church service (while knitting yellow mittens). hehehe. :D
This started out as worsted weight socks on 4mm needles: a two-at-once experiment, after being inspired by this bloke, who knit 7 pairs of socks at once, on one needle! But they're so soft, I started thinking they wouldn't last, so now they're going to become a not-socks birthday present. (Ssshh!)

It's Cameo from Bendigo Woollen mills. I don't think they sell it any more. I got this 200g ball in the bargain room for $7. :D

(disclaimer: I did not have my son's permission to photograph his feet with 'girl shoes' on. Sorry, Zachary. He he he.)


Sinéad said...

Cuteness overload!
I just adore those bootees! I'd NOM them straight off yummy baby toes...
And I don't think they're too girly, I think they'd suit boys or girls. They're just fab.

Lynne said...

Those shoes are too cute!

Knitting in church? Seriously? I don't think I could do that. Still too much of the "what would be people think?" instilled in me, I think. If it sounds like I disapprove, I don't. I'm just processing a whole new idea, that's all!

Tara said...

I agree, those shoes are ADORABLE! Baby feet are very high on the cuteness scale :)

Karin said...

The shoes are sooo cute.


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