Friday, March 19, 2010

I love bargain sock wool!

This one was a long skein (I wrapped it around the couch, almost 5m around), dipped 3 times into red, blue and yellow, so they overlapped and made green, purple and orange. The color changes should be long enough for striped socks, I think.
Here I am making the 5m skein into a more manageable one.

Byron woke up at this stage, and despite my threats could not seem to keep himself away. In fact, I heard:
"You're doing a really good job with your wool, Mummy!"
"Your wool is pretty..."
"Your wool is nice. That's just amazing and nice!"
"You good knitting is cool knitting..."
...and so on, as he surreptitiously edged himself close enough to touch it again. LOL! "Thanks, Byron, now STOP TOUCHING IT!". hehehe.
I left two long loops to play with and made... um... a sock for a pen, I guess. heh. Maybe a bookmark :)

The bright colors made me feel pretty cheerful, but I think I'll have to make socks for Byron.
. Maybe. We'll see.


Lynne said...

Very colourful - can't wait to see it knitted up!

I think my iPod Nano or mobile phone would fit in the bookmark/pen sock!! LOL

Sam said...

great dye job! Self striping yarns are time consuming to create aren't they?

kelgell said...

Those colours are awesome!! And your mini sock is great. I imagine the stripes on bigger socks would be fairly thin. And I can so picture Byron doing that. Ha ha.

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