Monday, March 1, 2010

Not the right mitten

I don't have a lot of free time, and when I do I seem to waste it by falling asleep on the couch. So my Twilight Twilight Mitts were... never going to make it by the end of the Ravelympics, frankly. I realized this after spending an hour doing 2 rows (probably 4 rows, if you include all the tinking). It wasn't fun.
So I decided (as it's my hobby and I can do as I like) to throw in the TTM's for a bit and start something new. This is as far as I got before the torch went out, but it hardly matters; it's been quite fun to knit, and reasonably mindless, too.

I just wish I had started it earlier. Aparently it would have qualified me for:
cable cross-country
Designer biathlon
D original dance
D pattern skeleton
Holiday jump-start skiing
Junior olympics
mitten moguls
Stash compulsory dance.
Of course, if I wanted a pointlessly easy medal I'd have entered "Aerial unwind" :P
Here's another shot of Jasmine, wearing her 1st birthday present, which is finally starting to fit. It will probably fit her best when she's three!


Sinéad said...

Well done on getting a medal for your gorgeous hedgehogs, and what a shame you ran out of time with your mittens. They look lovely though!

Lynne said...

That mitten is very nice - what a pity you didn't finish it in time. Well done on a wonderful design.

Ruth's Place said...

She looks very cute in her jumper.

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