Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Byron 4

It's about 4 weeks until Byron's birthday, but I finished his Weasley Jumper early this year. He requested black this year, one of his favorite colors, but I don't like knitting in black much. Since green is my favorite color and I am doing all the work, we compromised with this very dark green.
Byron calls it "black" but I call it "Dream in Color Classy: Still Spruce".

It's pretty simple, a top-down seamless jumper with a slip-stitch pattern. A boy jumper!

Do you think I could persuade him to let me take pictures? I had to bribe him with Twisties... but when the pictures were done, he wouldn't take it off! Here he is, running off into the back yard with his little brother (who is wearing Byron 2) :)

Pattern: Byron 4

Size: 4 year old

Needle: 5mm

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Still Spruce (worsted weight) 2 skeins.


Main pattern

row 1: K3, (slip 1 purlwise, knit 6) repeat to last 3, K3.

row 2. Knit (on right side) or purl (on wrong side).


Rib pattern

row 1: K1, P2, (slip 1, P2, K2, P2) repeat to last 3, P2, K1

row 2: K1, P2, (K1, P2, K2, P2) repeat to last 3, P2, K1


1. Shoulders: back

Cast on 49 stitches with a scrap piece of yarn. Change to main color and work in main pattern.

After 24 rows, increase on each edge of the right side rows.

(NOTE: as you increase, incorporate slip stitch columns where they go)

After 14 rows (63) finish after a wrong side row and cut yarn.


2. Shoulder: front right.

Hold your work up by the caston edge, right side facing you. Pick up 10 of your provisionally caston stitches on the right edge.

Knit 10 rows in main pattern.

Start adding a stitch to the neck edge (left) every right side row.

After 14 rows (17) start also increasing on arm edge side.

Do 14 more rows until you have 31 stitches. Finish on a right side row.


3. Shoulders: front left

Hold up the back, as before, with caston edge up and the right side of the back facing you.

Pick up first 10st (on left). As with the other side, do 10 rows of main pattern, 14 rows of increases on the neck edge, and 14 rows of increases on both sides. Finish on a wrong side row, at the center front. (31)


4. Body:

You should be able to fold at the caston edge and join all your live stitches in a round beginning at the center front. I added a stitch at the center front when I came around to it the first time, to make 126st (to fit the multiple-of-seven pattern). Knit in the main pattern, then rib pattern until desired length. I did 64 rows of main pattern and 16 rows of rib, ending with "Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bindoff".

If you like, you can do the collar and sleeves first and then use up the yarn on the body length :D


5. Sleeves.

Pick up 42 stitches around the sleeve hole, starting at underarm, and work 80 rows (or desired length. Finish with 10 rounds of rib pattern and stretchy bindoff.


6. Neck.

Pick up 77 stitches around the neck, including the remaining provisionally caston ones. Begin rib pattern. Make sure the front-center stitch is a slip stitch column.

Every slip-stitch round, decrease around the front-center stitch with: ssk, slip stitch, k2tog.

After 10 or 12 rounds, decrease with a super stretchy bindoff.


P.S. It's 10am, and his jumper is covered with cobwebs or something! It's been confiscated until his birthday. hehe. :D


Lynne said...

Clever you, convincing him to go for very dark green rather than black. It's lovely. Byron is obviously happy with it!

Thanks for sharing the pattern.

kelgell said...

Oooo i like it. Yes it is a boy jumper. It looks cute on him too.

Ruth's Place said...

Cute jumper but I got totally derailed by the mention of Twisties.

(Love them and can't get them here) lol

Sinéad said...

Thanks for putting the pattern on your blog! I must try this for my friends little boy.

Tara said...

The nice thing about you making these Byrons and posting the patterns for them is that I know they'll fit Maxime ;) Great job!

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