Saturday, April 30, 2011

This blog has been hijacked

When I was little, May used to be "Missionary Month", where we talked about missionaries in church. As a small taste of how others lived in the world, Mum and Dad often used to turn the electricity off for a week during this month. It's a lesson that stuck with me always, though it was just one small sacrifice.

This month I'm devoting the 31 days of May to Live Below the Line. I am only allowed to spend $2 (Australian) on food per day. It's a fundraiser for charity, of course, though I'm not asking for money here (though I encourage you to search through the donors and support someone who's doing the challenge with no sponsors yet... it's fun!) but it's one of those eye-opening experiences that you have to do to understand.

$2Aus-a-day buys the same amount of food as the official "poverty line" under which 1.4billion people live every day of their lives. That's a fifth of the world. And their "$2" also pays for health, housing, water, clothes and everything else a body needs.

Also, I'm going to do a Fair Trade change this month, and only use Manos del Uruguay yarn. It's Fairtrade fortnight soon. All my (many) WIPs are put away for May, and the Serena and Silk Blend is coming out! I was going to have a yarn limit, but I decided I want more colors. LOL!

Now I gotta go cook 100g of rice and mix up some 'sauce' for lunch tomorrow. I'm working for the first time in about 2 years! (bites nails)


Sinéad said...

Living on $2 a day? That sounds really tough. Good luck with it, I think it's a great idea. And you're back to work? Wow, I bet that feels weird. but you'll be fine, you know you will. It'll probably feel like you were never off after a few hours!

kelgell said...

:) Enjoy every morsel you can.

Got a shift huh? That will be interesting. Hope you do fine and nothing too challenging presents itself. How long a shift?

Crafty Tuesday said...

This is such an interesting challenge! I will watch your progress with interest :-)

Tara said...

I really admire you for doing this challenge, Tam! (she says while munching on 12$ CAD worth of sushi...)

Lynne said...

Good on you - I look forward to reading your progress throughout the month.

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