Monday, April 4, 2011

Next month

Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend in "Topaz"

Manos Del Uruguay Serena in "Green Tea" and "Tide"


Next month I'm doing the "Live Below the Line" challenge again, but this time for the whole month. More on that in May, I dare say, but on the knitting side I decided to restrict myself to $3 a day, and it has to be Fair Trade certified yarn. The only Fair Trade yarn company is "Manos Del Uruguay", and I can only get it from one place in Australia: "Evoke yarn and fabric".


This measley :) little packet of (beautiful) yarn is 250g/1040m. That gives me 8g/33m of yarn each day. Also, all my spending money for the month is going towards sponsoring participants.


I have a few things to finish in April, and some projects to choose for May...


Alrischa said...

I weighed it, and the Serena is 20g heavier than it should be... an extra 2m a day. lol.

kelgell said...

Nice stuff. I like the Tide. How's it feel? Soft? I'll have to find I Knit London when I visit London. They have multicolour skeins. Found a wool shop in town today too and will have to check it out when I get the chance.

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