Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I finally forced myself to finish the Nutkins for the S62011 sock club. The pattern was easy, and I did a toe up version with a heel flap and ribbing. But after doing the first sock and not thinking too much of it, it was hard to overcome the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome!

I didn't like the way the yarn variegation had overpowered the pattern. I hated how the left increase and decrease on every row makes them twist around on your leg. I didn't like the lack of stretch that makes it hard to pull over your heel, even when you've increased the leg size to compensate a bit.

But they do fit (once you get them on) and they're warm and comfy. And since I threw them back in the pot with a speck of black food dye and immitation chocolate to even out the color, I'm liking them a bit more.

Even dodgy handknitted socks are superior to cheap cotton store-bought socks :D

The next pattern is Leyburn, and while I love it I'm taking a break from socks. I'm doing Manos in May ;) and working on assignments for the Hogwarts group (that still makes me laugh at my own fan-silliness, but I'm looking forward to it). I'll use my Manos to make one class assignment, and I'm also going to try and do an OWL. I don't get the class assignments until next month, but here's what I'm doing for my Arithmancy OWL, if my OWL proposal is accepted:

"Arithmancy OWL, Option 2: Create multiples (at least 8) of the same object. You may vary the size, colors, and pattern of the objects, but you must make the same kind of object. Please note that one sock is considered one object for this O.W.L. only."

I'm making 4 pairs of mittens including colorwork, entrelac, and gloves based on Leyburns. lol. I have about 2 months to do it, from when it's approved (hopefully in May) until the end of July. All of them are fingering weight, so it will be a bit of work for me, except the ones I'm doing in Manos Serena (which is about sport weight by all accounts).

P.S. to Kelly; I'll make you the Powder River mitts in Serena, though they won't be done by your birthday, in the Tide color. But if you like Green Tea better, let me know :)


Sam said...

I’m still sock obsessed, but I can certainly understand the appeal of Hogwarts assignments - such a fun idea! I’ve knit Leyburn socks, they’re fun and don’t particularly drag, but applying the stitch pattern to mittens sounds like a great way to combine your 2 projects!

Lynne said...

Overdyeing the socks did seem to make the pattern stand out more - well done.

Sinéad said...

Seeing as how you're the Nutkin expert, will you finish mine for me? I hate this damn pattern now. Pretty please?? :)

kelgell said...

OOo, yay! ^^ Tide is good. I'll look forward to them. I may not wear them much for a while as if they are going to be late I'll be well into summer. Hope you have fun knitting them too.

Anonymous said...

ingenious dyeing methods! i didnt even start these ones, i heard so many bad things about the pattern. yours look great though.

Tara said...

Yeah, I wasn't too immpressed with my Nutkins either. Luckily, the person I gave them too leves them!

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