Saturday, April 23, 2011

I can do entrelac

This is my first attempt at entrelac. It's going to be my first pair of mittens for my first OWL, so I thought "Opal: Harry Potter" sock yarn in "Hedwig" was funny. I'm actually loving the colors, though they're mainly dull green/grays. (Plus I love the way they coordinate with the knitting bag I bought from Kelly.)

We have to do a swatch for each pattern in our OWL, but we are allowed to do the first inch or two of a sock or mitten AS the swatch. Unfortunately, at this point, I decided to Rippit Rippit. It got frogged, because it's huge. I can fit two arms in there.

Found this in my letterbox. I did pay for it, mostly! I ordered some of Sue's nice sock yarn, and paid, but she was out of the color I ordered. Her webpage wasn't subtracting her sales, apparently. She gave me a choice between the only two left. She was going to start dyeing again soon with larger skeins, she said, but the one I ordered was 100g. So I was surprised to get this, with a 120g label and a price sticker for a bit more than I paid. Plus, when I threw it on my kitchen scales (because it just felt heavy!) it was actually 130g! This is Two Tees in "The Blues".

And I may have bought some more on Ravelry... some white Madeline Tosh sport for mittens. That makes it school supplies, which is not only acceptable but, erm, required. hehe.


Lynne said...

Very pretty - it looks nice and soft.

kelgell said...

Ha ha ha. I love your schooling excuses. :) The blue yarn looks great. I really like that colour blue. Turns out my wardrobe additions have included a few pieces in such a colour. Bonus on not having the one you actually ordered too. I'm interested to see the entrelac mittens. Bummer for needing to frog it. I need to frog some of my pixie beanie as it's getting too tight. I'm undecided as to whether I will frog it all and start again a bit bigger (and correct a mistake that warped the pattern at the beginning) or to just before my decreasing.

Ruth's Place said...

The mitten looks great, love the colours, and your new yarn...drool.

Sinéad said...

Good first attempt at entrelac, although a shame it was too big. The colours are nice though. That's a great bonus weight skein, and I like the blue colour. Lol at the school supplies excuse for stash enhancement!

Tara said...

I once knit an entire sweater out of Entrelac. Never. Again.

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